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gradually, then suddenly

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11:53 pm: наш паравоз
Anna Karenina by Tom Stoppard and Joe Wright is the coolest "russian" film.

There is no surprise here. The author of these lines deserves to do Tolstoy:

Ogarev. It was winter. With my children I make hurry home through the forest in my ... whoosh ...!
Mary. Your sledge!
Ogarev. Precisely. Then I hear wolves!
Mary. No!
Ogarev. I see the wolves coming after, coming closer... One by one I am forced to throw the children from the sledge...
Mary. What?
Ogarev. First little Ivan, then Pavel, Fyodor... Katerina, Vasilly, Elizaveta, the twins, Anna and Mikhail...

Tom Stoppard. Coast of Utopia.

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